BPMinus is the modern musician's instrument of choice for learning new repertoire. It allows you to control the speed of audio tracks while maintaining pitch and sound quality. It gives you powerful tools to help you learn difficult passages. And best of all, it's easy to use and customizable. So get BPMinus today and start learning at your pace.

Control Tempo

Change the tempo of your track without altering its pitch. BPMinus offers multiple methods of controlling the tempo, allowing you to find a solution that sounds the absolute best for the track you're working with.

Change Pitch

Alter the pitch of your tracks with built-in pitch adjustment. Pitch adjustments work independently of tempo adjustments so you can hear your tracks at a different octave without altering the timing!

Scaled Viewing

BPMinus features a vector interface that allows you to enlarge your view of the application without blurring or losing quality. This is perfect for the practice studio environment where you may be far away from the display.

File Formats

While BPMinus supports many of the most popular audio formats out of the box, it also features an extensible add-on mechanism that allows users to support just about every audio file format. See the Add-Ons page for more information!

Looping Audio

Focus on the portion of audio you really want to work with. BPMinus allows you to simply specify a loop region with a simple mouse drag. Alternatively, use the keyboard to specify exact audio loop points down to a hundredth of a second.

Analyze BPM

BPMinus's beat analysis attempts to analyze the original tempo of your audio track. As you adjust the tempo, both the active and original tempo are displayed. This useful tool helps musicians to get a true feel for playing at specific tempos.